Roads to keep off during Alshabaab attack on Dusit hotel

Roads to avoid

Events at Dusit Hotel and office complex.

Motorists have been warned to keep off specific roads following the Alshabaab attack on Dusit complex on 14 Riverside.

The following are the roads to avoid:

  • Ring Road Kileleshwa
  • 14 Riverside Drive
  • State House Rd
  • Riverside Drive
  • Waiyaki Way (Outbound)

Traffic that had built up on the roads had made it difficult for medics to access the area.

A second explosion occurred inside the vehicle believed to have been used by the attackers.

Police sniffer dogs were deployed after the second blast to help identify any more explosives.

Several explosives which were left behind in the cars used by the attackers were detonated by the officers.

Statehouse issues statement

Statehouse warned members of the public to avoid sharing videos of the attack at Dusit Hotel carried out by notorious terror group.

Through the message, Kenyans were cautioned against sharing messages that may reveal where victims could be hiding even as the rescue operation continued.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet had stated that several civilians had already been rescued and that security system were on high alert.


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