Kwale County officials on Tuesday suspended skydiving operations in Diani after a Zambian skydiver died during a jump.

Coast Regional commissioner John Elungata, who confirmed the announcement, stated that the operations had been halted due to security challenges.

Sky diver at a beach located on the Kenyan coast Sky diver at a beach located on the Kenyan coast

“All skydiving expedition has been suspended over security challenges as we await further directions from the national government,” remarked Elungata.

The commissioner, further noted that the British owner of the business had no licence to run the trade.

"He had no license to practice skydiving at all. When we pressed him, he alleged to have a verbal agreement with legal authorities,” stated Coast Regional commissioner.

Pumulo's parachute got entagled

It is claimed that in March, 14 Zambians alleged to be members of Zambia’s airforce, had visited the region for the operation in which one of them lost his life.

Reports proclaimed that one of the foreigners identified as David Pumulo, had his parachute entangled with that of his colleague and managed to break free from each other.

Diani Beach Hospital Diani Beach Hospital

Pumulo however could not get his parachute to open and crashed to the ground and crashed his skull.

The Zambian was rushed to Diani hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Kenyan officials highlighted that the foreigners had entered the country on tourist visas amid claims that the citizens were in Kenya illegally.