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Kirubi's son gets emotional recalling arguments with his Dad

This is one thing that may come as a surprise to many - Robert Kirubi

The late Chris Kirubi's son Robert Kirubi eulogising his father

The family of the late businessman Chris Kirubi on Friday held a requiem service for the departed billionaire at the Faith Evangelistic Ministries Church in Karen.

The solemn service gave an opportunity for politicians, business leaders, the government and even his family to pay tribute to the late Kirubi.

Among those who rose to speak was his son, Robert, who delivered a heartfelt tribute on his late father.

While thanking all those who had supported him and his sister as they grieve, Robert took the chance to share a little known character trait he shared with his father.


The younger Kirubi revealed that his father enjoyed having intellectual arguments with him, specifically.

He noted that they made it a custom to have those occasional charged exchanges as their own unique way of connecting.

"We've all told amazing stories about his generosity, his intelligence, his work ethic but perhaps there's one thing that has not been mentioned in its fullest and it may come as a surprise to many of you. Dad loved a good argument, especially with me," Robert began, fighting back tears.

It was a little routine between us - Robert Kirubi


He went on to narrate that these genial arguments would normally take place when he was a university student learning abroad and also later when he took up work overseas.

"I'd come home every so often on holiday and we established a little routine between us. The night I was leaving home to go back to work or university we'd have dinner at home, either just the two of us or with family at home. We'd almost always get into an argument over something. That was my manly Kirubi way of telling each other that we'd miss each other.

"And it used to be very profitable for me because before I stormed off and got into the car he'd always make sure that my pockets were filled with US dollars, Euros or Pounds," he recounted, chuckling.

The billionaire's son went on to relay a specific argument he remembered having with his father where he had initiated a discussion over what his father wanted to do when he retired.


I blame my youth for that question - Robert Kirubi

Robert noted that the question on his father's retirement had been an expression of his youthful ignorance.

"As you can imagine, things went quickly downhill from there. I'll spare you the details but we got into a very technical argument on the definition of 'work'. Dad was extremely vocal and clear that what I did at DHL was 'work' and that there's absolutely nothing about what he did daily that could be classified as 'work'.

"As he annoyingly always was, Dad was right," Robert narrated.


He concluded by noting that the family did not feel like they had lost Dr Kirubi, rather that he "lives on in the lives of those he touched".

"I won't accept that we've lost him and I ask you all to hold yourselves accountable to take his wisdom forward. If you don't, like my father, you'll come to understand that I also love a good argument," he stated.


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