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VIDEO: 2 Kenyans probed for 'letting' Chinese win 2024 Beijing Half Marathon

Two Kenyans & an Ethiopian are facing scrutiny after allegedly assisting a local competitor to win the 2024 Beijing Half Marathon

He Jie winning the Beijing Half Marathon. (Image source: Weibo)

The Beijing half marathon stirred up controversy as footage circulating online suggests that three African runners may have intentionally allowed China's He Jie to clinch the victory.

In a race that captured attention worldwide, spectators were left questioning how the marathon ended.

Video clips from Sunday's event depicted Kenyans Robert Keter and Willy Mnangat, along with Ethiopia's Dejene Hailu, alongside local runner He Jie, nearing the finish line.


The trio of African athletes appeared to gesture towards the finish line, seemingly encouraging He Jie to take the lead, while simultaneously slowing down their pace.

He Jie, who secured the gold medal in the 2023 Asian Games marathon, emerged victorious by a mere one-second margin.

Throughout the gruelling 13-mile course, the four runners maintained a close-knit pack, as noted by reporters.

Promptly following the race, the Beijing Sports Bureau issued a statement indicating an ongoing investigation into the matter, promising transparency once findings are concluded.

Additionally, the event's organizer, the Beijing Sports Competition Management and International Exchange Center confirmed launching an investigation into the incident.


The incident sparked intense discussions on China's social media platform Weibo, with numerous users expressing disappointment and labelling the outcome as "embarrassing."

The Beijing Half Marathon is not the first instance where long-distance races in China have faced scrutiny.


In 2018, a half-marathon in Shenzhen made headlines after 258 runners were found to have cheated, resorting to shortcuts to gain an advantage.

Similarly, in 2019, footage emerged of a woman riding a rental bike during the Xuzhou International Marathon, further highlighting issues of fair play and organization.


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