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Why you should choose a betting site with a wide range of payment option


Online sports betting

With the sports betting world transitioning successfully into the online sphere over the past couple of decades, more and more consumers are looking for ways to broaden the access they have within the sports betting industry.

Going back merely 10 years, the number of payment methods punters had at their disposal was limited, with the likes of Visa and Mastercard ruling the roost and with a relative lack of competition within the marketplace, it became pretty stagnant for a few years.

In the modern age however, old and new betting sites have seen payment and withdrawal methods as hugely important, not just to attract new customers, which they regularly do with welcome offers like a Bet9ja welcome bonus, for instance, but to appease existing punters and to offer a more holistic betting experience for all.

Traditionalists will always look to pour scorn over the importance of payment options within the world of sports betting, with the fact it does not have a direct impact on the outcome of any given bet, always bringing the value of varied payment options under scrutiny.


However, increased payment options give punters more autonomy over their betting experience, can enable them to access funds quicker and can also allow them to keep a better grip of their bankroll when sports betting.

Here are a few reasons as to why is it important to choose a betting site that has a wide range of payment options:

The modern world has never enjoyed more varied and diverse ways of paying for goods. From cryptocurrency, through to e-wallets, the concept of payment has moved a long way from notes and coins.

With so many people now having financial assets, invested in things, rather than tangibly within their grasp, access to money has moved in a completely different direction.


Cash is no longer king and as a consequence, accessibility within the financial tech sector is huge.

Sports betting sites have jumped on the bandwagon with this, giving players the chance to use the aforementioned cryptocurrency and e-wallets to deposit funds into their sports betting account.

Of course, this isn’t for everybody and having access to more funds when sports betting can become somewhat of a poisoned chalice but increased accessibility is generally a plus in the world of sports gambling.

No matter what sport a punter is betting on, having a feeling of being in control is often essential.


Increased payment options and methods give every gambler an increased sense of autonomy over their betting operation, regardless of how many bets they are placing.

Whether it be using a particular account to place a bet or using a specific financial platform to access a specific betting offer, the greater variety within the marketplace plays into the hands of the punter and a bookmaker with increased payment options should always be utilised.

One of the key sticking points in the early days of online betting was the waiting times for players on any prospective withdrawals they would be looking to make.

Having to wait 7 working days for a winning bet to land in a bank account was hugely frustrating for many punters and often inhibited the number of bets they were able to place at any given time.


The development of increased payment methods has also coincided with the advent of instant deposit and withdrawal features from many bookmakers and financial services.

Competition within the marketplace has also had a positive impact too, with all sportsbooks vying for custom through the improved financial options they can offer out to their customers.

No matter the betting aspiration, all players can benefit from being able to access winnings quickly and with most e-wallets and bank accounts now offering instant deposits and withdrawals, the increased number of payment options on the market is playing into the hands of the punter.

Whilst ensuring any bookmaker used is licensed with the relevant gambling commission is key for all levels of player, adding more payment options onto the market gives increased levels of security to players.


All financial operators must abide by stringent financial data regulations in order to be used in conjunction with a sportsbook, the gold standard that all punters are looking for.

The increase of payment options enables players to place bets with a given sportsbook, safe in the knowledge that security breaches are a thing of the past and that they can concentrate on sports gambling.

You can find bookmakers with the widest range of payment options at Match.Center.

Overall, having more options in any sphere is a positive thing and the sports betting industry continues to benefit from offering more payment options to punters.



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