Stop hiding under the bed & fight for your soldiers - Makau Mutua to DP Ruto

Prof Mutua offers advice as Ruto allies start to flee

Stop hiding under the bed & fight for your soldiers - Makau Mutua to DP Ruto

Renowned political scientist Prof Makau Mutua has added his voice to the troubles facing Deputy P[resident William Ruto's political foot soldiers.

The US based scholar advised Ruto to come out and publicly defend his allies who have fallen victim to President Uhuru Kenyatta's clean up exercise in the Jubilee Party.

Mutua compared Ruto;s silence to a general hiding under the bed as his soldiers are being vanquished in battle.

"I am FLABBERGASTED @WilliamsRuto foot soldiers like @kipmurkomen and @susankihika are being picked off one by one while he cowers under the bed in Karen. The man from Sugoi should stand up and defend his men and women. No general abandons his fighters," Mutua stated.

His sentiments were echoed by former presidential candidate Abduba Dida who compared the tribulations facing Ruto to those of the Germans during the Second World War.

"April 30th, 1945 The Soviets are in Berlin and they are not taking hostages. Most of Hitler's generals had either been killed or committed suicide. A previously strong Hitler killed himself. Kenyan politics 2020. Germany is getting humbled. TangaTanga is falling!" Duda said.

The comments came as more Ruto allies equivocated in their support for the DP and throwing their weight behind President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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