Stop using that boy - Boniface Mwangi advises Ruto on fighting Uhuru

There is something you can learn from Raila

Activist Boniface Mwangi

Political activist Boniface Mwangi on Friday offered his two cents on how Deputy President William Ruto can be more effective in fighting his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mwangi opined that Ruto was better placed to learn from the tactics that ODM Leader Raila Odinga had previously used while in the Opposition.

He faulted Ruto's reliance on bloggers, particularly noting that former State House operative Dennis Itumbi was ill-suited to take on President Kenyatta.

"There’s something that deputy President Ruto can learn from Raila. When RAO wasn’t part of Uhuru’s government, he didn’t spend his time on social media whining and shadow boxing government. Raila attacks on Uhuru were always strategic and the attack team were elected politicians."

"Ruto, meanwhile is using a boy without credibility to attack Uhuru. No media house or credible person can quote that boy. He has zero credibility. When we read his posts, we can see that he is bitter with Uhuru for firing him as an attack dog," Mwangi wrote.

He added that it was important for Ruto to deploy elected leaders with some level of political stature to carry out the proxy fights.

Mwangi said his only motive was for the two political factions to continue fighting, arguing that such a situation created the right atmosphere for law abiding citizens to promote their ideology.

"Ruto is on lockdown and self isolation. He is afraid of Coronavirus. The churches he used to frequent every Sunday are closed. Ruto should use those tanga tanga politicians to do short videos attacking his main political rivals, UhuRAO, share them on WhatsApp and they will eventually end up on social media and githeri media."

"The tanga tanga MPs have been eating Ruto and it’s time they became useful to his drowning presidential run. Stop sending a child to fight men, he will be ignored and you will look like a coward, real men don’t send boys to their fights," he added.


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