9 Important Things Raila Said Today

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Speaking during a press conference in Okoa Kenya Secretariat offices in Lavington, Mr. Odinga maintained that the elections were a sham.

Here are the 9 points the former Prime Minister also made:

1. NASA will move to the Supreme Court

Odinga mentioned that it will not accept the presidential results noting that they were computer-generated.

He noted that though the Supreme Court seems to be working under the orders of Mr. Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, he was willing to give them another chance to redeem itself.

2. We will not accept and move on

The NASA flag bearer maintained that they will not be forced to accept a sham election.

“Kenya is always much larger than my individual ambition. But Kenya is definitely not too large for all of us to ensure that anyone who wins the people’s votes, and not the loser, is declared President. This is just the beginning. We will not accept and move on,” he said.

3. Elections Observers

He sharply condemned elections observers who came out to convince NASA to concede defeat even before the tally was complete.

“Observers grossly violated their mandate and started calling upon NASA to concede – even before the IEBC officially announced the election’s outcome,” he said.

4. IEBC went against the law

Mr. Odinga reiterated that the electoral body started streaming results that were not backed by forms 34A as required by law.

He added that IEBC then proceeded to declare Kenyatta the winner illegally.

“From the start, the IEBC was illegally releasing unverified results to create the expectation of an Uhuru Kenyatta victory. This was the equivalent of guaranteeing violence if the final verified results indicated Uhuru had lost,” he stated.

5. Consistent lead by Uhuru

The NASA principal poked holes on the consistent 11-percent lead President Kenyatta held throughout the tallying process.

He opined that this was as a result of algorithms used to make sure Kenyatta maintained the lead.

“Such a fixed margin has never been maintained throughout any democratic election anywhere in the world. But it happened here because an algorithm had been introduced to rig the outcome,” he noted.

6. IEBC Adamancy

The Opposition leader divulged that the electoral body refused to answer questions they raised before Kenyatta was declared winner.

7. Street Protests

Odinga held that protests were within the law and NASA would do so peacefully.

“We will uphold our rights to assemble and protest. We shall hold vigils, moments of silence, beat drums and do everything else to peacefully draw attention to the gross electoral injustices being meted on our country and demand redress,” the Former Prime Minister emphasized.

8. Carter Centre

He disclosed that the Carter Center, an NGO that had also sent a delegation of observers during the elections, revealed that there were irregularities in the elections.

9. Condemned Police brutality

Mr. Odinga sharply criticized the killings that happened in Kisumu and Mathare stating that police used unwarranted force against their supporters.

“The state unleashed unprecedented violence against perceived NASA supporters in their homes and houses. The police have shot, bludgeoned, and cut short the lives of innocents like infant Baby Samantha Pendo at six months and Stephanie Moraa Nyarang’i a young girl of 9 years using crude weapons and live bullets,” he said.

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