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"You cannot become a Billionaire in this country unless you are a thief," Prof Manyora

Herman Manyora gives kenyans a piece of his mind on corruption levels in the country in one of the most balanced arguments live on air.


Manyora who was flanked by Kakamega senator, Bony Khalwale, former Minister for Information and Communications, Mutahi Kagwe among other guest made the claims live on air and gave Kenyans a reality check during last Friday's episode

“Without doubt, because I have said here repeatedly if you are rich in this country you are a thief, the environment in this industry is such that you cannot make genuine money from business, you cannot be a billionaire in this country unless you have stolen from the public”

When Mutahi Kagwe, a wealthy man himself and a former MP attempted to interrupt the learned professor, He was stopped dead in his tracks.


“I remember well ‘mutahi Kagwe please relax’ I know you are billionaire, wembe ikuwa kali meza (if the razor gets too painfull  swallow it”  the professor fired at the senator.

In a bid to balance his argument, the professor delved into practical examples and personal experience, which did not disappoint.

“I remember there was a time when Charles Nyachae was trying to explain to the people of Kenya how he become rich, he said he started with a posho mill then after that he said he set up a bakery….a small bakery and he was telling us he was making bread the long ones then I asked myself you could become a billionaire through making those long breads even if they were very long?”

Manyora posed to his fellow panelist, to a pregnant uncomfortable silence only interrupted with a nervous laugh from the host.

Manyora was not finished though he was determined to drive his point home he went on.


“Look here the nature of business in this country, the amount of interest charged on loans to this country, the procurement and tendering procedures in this country are such that  anybody who really made money one will have made it from the government and two he would not have done genuine business”

Fact check, two of Kenya’s top ten billionaires are politicians, Uhuru Kenyatta  and family net worth is $500 Million USD, Raila Odinga net worth is $250 Million USD the rest of billionaires all which are conservatives  estimates by Forbes. The rest of the billionaires are but cronies of the politicians with some even serving as advisors to them.

Furthermore Kenya is the 4th most corrupt country in E, Africa according to Transparency International.

“So we have been ruled by a class of people who are basically thieves”

Prof Manyora finished his argument with uplifting words similar to Martin Luther’s ‘I have a dream’ speech maybe to give heart to Kenyan s who are on verge of giving up


“We are hoping that one day….that one day Kenyans will get a leadership that is true, a leadership of the people who work for the people”


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