The man still lives in his mother's house - David Ndii blasts Uhuru on rent directive

Ndii revisits history of Uhuru's Sh700 million private home

The man still lives in his father's house - David Ndii blasts Uhuru on rent directive

Renowned economist and public intellectual David Ndii on Thursday blasted President Uhuru Kenyatta for what he termed as inaction regarding protection of tenants during the coronavirus crisis.

Ndii took on President Kenyatta after the head of state refused to make any official orders regarding waiver or subsidization of rent during the coronavirus crisis.

President Kenyatta said he had declined to act because rental property is private property where his government cannot intervene.

However, Ndii blasted the explanation and made reference to Uhuru's personal situation as prohibiting his thinking on how the government ca help the vulnerable.

The economist said Uhuru continued to live in his mother's house - a sprawling residence that sits in Caledonia Estate next to State House Nairobi.

"Uhuru Kenyatta does not know the anxiety of not knowing whether you will have a roof over your head. He still lives in his mothers house that Jomo traded with the Aga Khan for the plot where Nairobi Serena Hotel now stands. Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest of us," Ndii stated.

The economist cited the example of South Africa which had cushioned rent defaulters by including a comprehensive package that would include a provision to pay rent for businesses that would be shut off during the pandemic and waivers for poor households that would not afford rent.

The Aga Khan had in the 1970s donated the Caledonia residence to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta with state of the art furnishing.

The initial house was demolished after Uhuru became President in 2013.

A new imposing stylish house with a marked helipad at the top was built at a cost of Sh700 million funded by the taxpayer as part of the security upgrade requirement for private residences of a head of state.

The right wing of the main house features a swimming pool with another swimming pool built next to two separate houses, possibly guest houses, built on the left side from the gate.

The main house has three floors and opens up to a mini round-about and an extensive drive away lined by trees.


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