Drug trafficking suspect Joyce Akinyi’s troubled life

She has had a series of run-ins with the law and public drama with Antony Chinedu

Joyce Akinyi who was arrested with 2 kg of heroin valued at 3Million shillings

Nairobi businesswoman Joyce Akinyi who was arrested with two kilograms of heroin on Saturday is not new to controversies and has lived a troubled life.

Akinyi made headlines after numerous public altercations with her Nigerian boyfriend Antony Chinedu who was suspected of being involved in shady deals including drug trafficking.

Their separation was nasty with the public treated to drama as the two battled for the control of their wealth.

As her relationship with Chinedu fall apart, so did things begin to cave in with police closing in on drug trafficking syndicates, including the arrest of the Akasha brothers.

Chinedu was eventually arrested and deported in a police operation in 2013, leaving behind Akinyi who has had a series of run-inns with the law.

In 2008, Akinyi was detained for five months on allegations of money laundering.

Also detained with her was Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala after the two were found in possession of 7.5 Million shillings at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport.

It would take government intervention to secure their release five months later.

Saturday raid which saw police recover heroin valued at 3 Million shillings was perhaps the closets Akinyi has been linked to the illegal drugs trade.

Standard reports that officers who conducted the raid were aware that Akinyi was still in the narcotics trade.

She was arrested alongside a Congolese national with several passports bearing her photos and different names.

Among the names listed on the passports are Eveline Kambere, with the birth place as Goma, Congo. The passports has a photo of Akinyi with her hair shaved off.

Another bears the name Marline Kambuba Mape with the same birth place but in it, Akinyi was in a weave with blonde edges.

She is expected to be produced in court to answer to the charges of drug trafficking.


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