The United Arab Emirates (UAE) envoy to Kenya, Khalid Al Mualla has sought to assure Kenyans that the relations between the two countries remain cordial despite the alleged scandal in which one of the country’s rulers is said to have been conned Sh400 million in a gold scam.

Al Mualla said his country was not in any way involved in the reported gold transactions, saying that could only have been a business deal between two individuals and companies.

The Ambassador decried that fake news was causing tension between Kenya and the UAE -pointing at what he termed as a fake letter purporting to come from the county’s Vice President and the ruler of Dubai - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

There is no such letter. It is all fabricated, and even if there were, who in their right sense would believe him? He is the vice-president of the country. There has been no official communication on this issue between Kenya and the UAE,” he stated adding that it was him who would be tasked with handling such communication.

Al Mualla urged Kenyans to allow the authorities in the two countries to handle the matter and avoid sharing memes that may embarrass the Dubai royal family.

On claims that the Dubai royal family was part of the gold transaction, the envoy said the so-called nephew to Sheikh Maktoum was not a native of the UAE and could not be related to the country’s rulers.

“I can’t tell you if he (Zandi) exists or not, but who is he? Can anyone show me proof that the gold was going to the ruler of Dubai? I have not seen such a thing and I think someone was working hard to damage relations, which are cordial,” Al Mualla said.