Kenyan women reveal the horrific life of being an Al shabaab slave

"They blindfolded us with black scarves. They raped us in that room"

After an intense investigation, BCC discovered that the militants are always looking for women in order to keep increasing their numbers through birth.

Once the women are caught, they continuously get raped by different men.

A Ms. Salama Ali, who carried out the investigation, went undercover to unravel the disappearance of his two brothers who went missing last year.

In the process, she came face to face with the horrible life Kenyan women are forced into by the militants.

Salama spoke to several women in Mombasa who were able to escape from the arms of their masters and join her rehabilitation centre where she offers help.

One victim divulged that: "Men used to come and have sex with me - I can't tell you the number. For those three years, every man was coming to sleep with me."

Another one added: "They'd bring two or three men for each woman every night. We would be raped repeatedly."

According to the report, other women are forced to be wives of the militant while some are held in brothels.

The BCC noted that though there were women who join the Al Shabaab willingly, they are some who were hoodwinked by lucrative jobs in another town or abroad, and then kidnapped.

Some of these abducted women are then taken to the Boni Forest in Lamu County where they slave for the terrorists.

A 16-year-old girl, who fell for the trap, was promised a job in Malindi by an elderly couple and was very anxious to start earning money of her own.

On the fateful day when she would finally be employed,  she boarded a bus together with 14 other passengers and that was the beginning of a tragic life.

While on the bus, they were all forced to drink water which had been mixed with drug.

“When we regained consciousness, there were two men inside the room. They blindfolded us with black scarves. They raped us in that room,”  the 16-year-old disclosed.

The teenager then found herself in the thick forest of Boni where she would cook for the Al Shabaab and get raped continously.

Due to the constant rape she became pregnant and had to give birth by herself in the dark thick forest.

Many women and their children are now living HIV positive because of this.


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