Why Kenyans can't stop talking about this sign board


Why Kenyans can't stop talking about this sign board

Kenyans online could not help trolling the County government of Nyamira for putting up a sign board with wrong spelling.

The sign board which left Kenyans in stitches read "Construction of pavilion, Football Bitch & Running Truck at Manga Stadium."

KOT noted the mistake and released their ammunition on the Nyamira County government for not rectifying the sign board.

The error in the sentence saw KOT schooling the Nyamira county government on the appropriate spelling which should have been "track instead of truck" and "pitch instead of bitch".

Kenyans trolling

Kenyans on Twitter are notoriously attentive about spelling. 

Whether it’s the Queen’s English or US grammar, KOT tend to spot and punish spelling errors and auto-corrected tweets swiftly. 

Where brands are concerned, screenshots are often quickly taken as evidence for the trial by timeline. 

Prominent people have also not been spared by KOT grammar assassins, depending on the severity of the offence one can end up being ridiculed from anywhere from fleeting minutes to days on end. 


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