Man’s genitals moved close to his knees after sleeping with someone’s wife (+18 photos)

Husbands have now resorted to using witchcraft to tame their cheating spouses. A shocking incident saw a man’s genitals moved to another part of his body after he slept with someone’s wife.


Many people still don’t believe in the existence of witchcraft, but recent cases of people eating grass for stealing another person’s property or cheating lovers getting stuck, have made doubting Thomas rethink their stand about witchcraft.

A recent frightening incident involving sorcery happened in Kisii a few days ago. A single man and a married woman got stuck at a lodge where they were making love.

The cheating lovers were forced to call for help after they failed to detach, they had tried to disengage for hours in vain. Amazingly the lovebirds separated after they were taken to a witch doctor who had cursed a spell on the cheating woman upon request from her husband who suspected her of spreading legs for another man in his absence.

Getting stuck aside, a man who slept with someone’s wife got severely punished for his philandering ways by the woman’s husband; he made his manhood move to a different part of his body.

Photos circulating on WhatsApp show a man whose pecker had been moved close to his knees.  The information on the photo say that the man was being punished for sleeping with someone’s wife.

Apparently the man had come forth to show the world his predicament as he begged for forgiveness from the woman’s husband, a popular Luo man, according to the information on the photo.


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