Machakos deputy governor's 'Kidnapped' daughter, Kathleen Nduku freed from Boyfriend House.

Machakos deputy governor 'Kidnapped' daughter, Kathleen Nduku has been found safe and sound.


Machakos deputy governor, Benard kiala’s daughter Kathleen Nduku has been found safe and sound. Actually she has been freed from her boyfriend’s house in Mwiki Kasarani.

Kathleen alledgly went missing last week raising a storm in Ukambani, with Wiper leader, Kalonzo Musyoka even going to a local radio and alleging that she had been kidnapped.

Kalonzo in a live show, claimed that Kiala’s daughter had been kidnapped by wiper political enemies in a bid to force Benard Kiala to drop out of the Machakos gubernatorial seat which the deputy governor is vying for under the Wiper party.

Kalonzo even linked Machakos governor, Alfred Mutua to the kidnapping, going on record to say should anything happen to Kathleen Mutua should be held responsible.

However in a twist which has left Kalonzo with an egg on his face, police from the special crimes division traced Kathleen to Mwiki, Kasarani in Nairobi, approximately 56KM from Machakos where the rebellious teen was holed up in a boyfriend’s house.

According to Nairobi County Commander, Japheth Koome, Nduku was traced to her boyfriend’s house, the two were picked and taken to the Nairobi Police Headquarters for interrogation where police established nothing sinister.

Kathleen confessed that she had actually gone to her boyfriend’s house on her own volition, ruling out any claims of kidnapping.

Kiala, later on went on his social media platform and announced the return of his daughter thanking security officers for their efforts in ensuring the safe return of his daughter.

However, Kathleen is not alone in the list of spoilt politician’s kid’s pulling silly tantrums.  Kenyans have been treated to their shenanigans before, forcing their inept and absent dads and moms to drag their tired faces on national television blame and blaming their political foes for their poor parenting skills.

Saumu Bongo, daughter of flashy Nairobi senator, Mike Sonko was in the headlines, last year on February. After she was involved in an accident as she tried to loose/dodge some unknown people in unmarked Mercedes Benz. Saumu claimed they were trailing her, it doesn’t matter that nobody was ever arrested, so really nobody knows if the aspiring socialite was just screaming for Daddy’s attention or worse intoxicated and seeing her own things.

When Saumu is not demanding, "I want a marriage, family and babies" she is posting photos any parent would get sick looking at.

The list go on and on, in a depressing manner these politician’s spoilt kids will insist on posting every fight they had with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Post every toy their rich parents have bribed them for being absent, upload every photo of their intoxicated self on the social media under the hashtag #YOLO, not giving a hoot that the very same money they are splashing around is Tax Payers money.

Anyway at least Kathleen has been freed from her Boyfriend, so the Police can now focus on more pressing needs of the nation like tacking graft and arresting real criminals.


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