An unidentified man has been beaten to death by soldiers of the 174 battalion in Ogijo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

A Twitter user, Adesanya Abel posted a picture of the victim of the attack whose corpse laid on the street after he was killed.

He wrote, "174 battalion military officers beat this man to death in Ogijo, his corpse is lying on the street right nw. retweet for justice."

This development is one of many demeaning behaviour of military officers who have shown no regard for lives of civilians.

They are often accused of using their power to create fear in the minds of civilians who naturally should have been the main beneficiary of their sworn oath to defend.

Recently, some soldiers in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria were caught on camera as they brutalized a crippled man.

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He received several whips on his body for putting on an army fatigue, an act that is popular for bringing pain to ignorant Nigerians.