Cockroaches aside, here are 15 creepy insects and animals that are a delicacy in China

Chinese foods are certainly the most horrible cuisine you can ever find at any part of the planet. Chinese eat almost everything; from dogs to cats, cockroaches to spiders etc.


Animal lovers have been fighting a losing battle to stop some cultural practices in China; including the slaughter of dogs, cats and other endangered species.

Anyone travelling to China should be advised to exercise caution when eating meat, or strictly maintain a vegetarian diet if possible for the duration of visit.

The reason for this free advice is simply because it can be hard to differentiate between dog meat and cow meat when served at a restaurant. Not unless someone gives you prior warning.

A sample of Chinese cuisine reveals the horrible and nerve-racking food that is being consumed in the world’s most populous nation.

Sickening images of butchered dogs, cats and even monkeys greet your face when you sample some of the foods being consumed in China.

If you are the kind that gets disgusted by the idea of people eating pets and apes, then you will be emotionally disturbed to find out that creepy insects like cockroaches, bugs and even centipedes are a delicacy in China.

A menu at a Chinese restaurant

Below are photos of animals and insects that are consumed as food in China:

1. Cats

2. Dogs

3. Monkey

4. Rats

5. Frogs

6. Cockroaches

7. Scorpions

8. Spiders

9. Centipedes

10. Silkworm

11. Beetle

12. Bugs

13. Snail

14. Maggot

15. Crickets


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