It is basketball over politics in some parts of Lagos

The truth is that some Nigerians would rather play ball in the rain than join a voting queue!

Somewhere in Ipaja, some basketball lovers would rather kick ball in the rain than vote.

Politicians are generally perceived as crooked individuals who often seek governmental positions in a bid to enrich themselves.

It is the same outcome with them. They come with big megaphones making promises of a brighter future but forget their promises as soon as they attain power.

In my local hood in Ipaja, the apathy is big enough to swallow a whale. You will find NBA wannabes and young boys playing street soccer.

They would rather use the curfew on commercial activities to kick some ball and catch up with old friends.

Guess where they are doing that? Sport centres and make-shift football pitches carved out of bad roads that should have been maintained by some rulers vying for political positions today.

This is where an Exodus Bible verse of "visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children" is most apt.

The electorates have already adjudged the current aspirants as failures based on the past performance of their predecessors.

Nigerians generally are pessimists and skeptics who often believe in the worst in others by default.

Being called a true Nigerian requires adopting a great mentality to battle oppression and hardship.

I am proud of my countrymen because they never let the tough situations get to them. The strong ones and even the ones who are not!

My dream for them is to see the day when I won't have to eulogize their power of perseverance, but their responsible government who will leave no stone unturned in a bid to satisfy them.

For now, focus on the fact that not a lot of folks give a damn about politics!


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