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Cause of Mozambique ferry tragedy that killed over 90 people

According to officials, over 90 people escaping a Cholera outbreak died after a makeshift ferry boat capsised

Cause of ferry disaster that killed over 90 people in Mozambique in April 7, 2024

At least 94 individuals, including children, tragically lost their lives in a devastating maritime incident off the northern coast of Mozambique.

The incident occurred when an overloaded fishing boat, unauthorised to transport passengers, capsised, leaving a grim toll of casualties in its wake according to Reuters.

According to Lourenco Machado, an official from Mozambique's Maritime Transport Institute (INTRASMAR), the ill-fated vessel was carrying approximately 130 passengers, beyond its capacity.


Machado revealed that the boat was en route from Lunga in Nampula province to Mozambique Island when the tragedy struck.

Reports indicate that the boat was struck by a tidal wave, causing it to capsise and plunge its occupants into the perilous waters below.

According to reports, the passengers aboard the vessel were not merely embarking on a routine journey. They were fleeing a dire cholera outbreak, seeking refuge and safety on Mozambique Island.


Jaime Neto, the secretary of state for Nampula province, confirmed that the overcrowded conditions and the unsuitability of the vessel for passenger transport led to its tragic fate.

Neto lamented the loss of many innocent lives, particularly emphasizing the heartbreaking reality that numerous children were among the deceased.

Amidst the chaos and devastation, heroic efforts were made to rescue survivors and recover the bodies of those lost at sea.


Two of the five survivors were immediately rushed for medical treatment. Meanwhile, harrowing accounts emerged from survivors, detailing the frantic struggle for survival amidst the chaos of the capsizing vessel.

As news of the tragic incident spread, images and videos began to circulate on social media platforms, depicting the grim aftermath of the ferry's capsising.

These visuals portrayed the somber scene of bodies strewn across beaches and the heartbreaking sight of individuals mourning their loved ones.

While the authenticity of these images could not be immediately verified by Reuters, they served as a stark reminder of the profound loss experienced by the affected communities.


The devastating maritime disaster occurred against the backdrop of an ongoing cholera outbreak in Mozambique and other countries in Southern Africa.


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