Hairdressers shave lady after her boyfriend fled without paying salon bill

A heartless hairdresser cut a woman’s pleasingly stylish weave after her boyfriend who had accompanied her to the salon fled without paying her bill.


Women are always advised to carry cash with them but they don’t listen. The logic behind this is that you simply never know when a man might decide to leave you in hot soup.

An incident in Zimbabwe has left the whole world wondering what a lady might have done to her boyfriend to abandon her at a salon without paying her bill.

A lady only known as Nothando went to Rich and Famous hair Salon to get her hair done. She was accompanied by her boyfriend who was to pay the cost of getting a new golden weave on her head.

H-Metro reports that Nothando’s sweetheart excused himself to attend to important matter as his girlfriend was getting her hair done at Rich and Famous hair Salon.

The boyfriend promised to return in a short while before the hairdressers were done sprucing up his girlfriend.

The long wait began properly after hairdressers finished beautifying Nothando; minutes quickly turned to hours and her boyfriend didn’t show up. Even her attempts to call and text him yielded nothing as she didn’t get any response.

The reality soon dawned on Nothando; she had been played by her boyfriend. She devised a plan to slip away surreptitiously but the hairdressers had an eagle eye on her.

Hairdressers at Rich and Famous hair Salon managed to seize Nothando before she fled from the salon. She was dragged back into the salon where Pamela, Rich and Famous hair Salon owner, armed herself with scissors and descended upon Nathando’s newly done weave.

Pamela shaved Nathando as other hairdressers held her firmly on the floor; they also beat her up before she was chased out of the salon like a dirty dog.


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