SK Macharia's son involved in a nasty accident with his 17 million Porshe

Road accidents are pretty much common occurrence on Kenyan roads and last evening saw a son of a prominent personality get involved in a nasty one.

A son to Kenyan media millionaire S .K Macharia was involved in an accident late last evening after the car he was driving in hit the rear of an SUV ahead of him.

The evening incident saw the luxurious car the son was driving, a Porsche 911 have its bonnet mangled up.

The Prado on the other hand was pretty much intact save for a few scratches and dents where there had been contact.

The incident attracted quite a crowd but luckily no one was injured. The son himself is seen in the pictures pretty well making a few phone calls presumably to insurance providers and close associates.

The photo of the incident which has gone viral has attracted a number of comments online with many commenting on the value of the car as other speculate on the cost of the damage.

A Porsche 911 does not come cheap costing in the region of Ksh.16 million and thereabouts depending on the model and dealership. That is however, not including the duty import in Kenya which almost doubles up the amount.

Here are some comments from concerned and excited Kenyans.

Ngira Wa Ngira Pole sana kwake. Seems his car is highly in love with other cars' posteriors. They say that a man's car defines his character.

Daniel Mwangi Hawa ndiyo wenye nchi kweli

Ireri Murithi A salvage vehicle is worth what it is worth. Prato? An insuarance salvage car should be recovered not repaired.

Bill Ochieng Posche halafu anaendesha kama janeko ya migori. Mano wachne! Or wach wuongi! Obadhogi.

Awaar Wënë Nyane-Atut When I become rich, my son will spend how he wants... who is supposed to question that.? His father worked hard for him.



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