Corpse of woman who died 4 years ago still remains fresh after exhumation

A Facebook user posted pictures of the corpse of a woman who died and was buried four years ago still fresh after exhumation.

Residents of Ojoo Strabarg, a suburb of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, were stunned after the corpse of a woman who died four years ago still remained fresh and intact after exhumation.

This strange revelation was made by one Atidade Hassan Abioye on his Facebook wall where he posted  photos of the corpse of the woman when it was exhumed by the family.

Abioye posted that the woman actually died in the year 2012 but during a demolition of buildings in the area some weeks ago, her family had to exhume the body so they could bury it in another area but were shocked to find that the body was still intact after all those years.

This is what Abioye posted on his Facebook wall:

"What a wonderful surprise; Allah is great. There is a woman who has been dead since 2012 and buried in the same year.

In the year 2016, the government decided to rehabilitate some area around Ojoo and there is going to be a lot of demolition of houses and shops.

But to my greatest surprise, there is a particular woman who was buried in the area and her family needed to exhume her corpse in order for the road to be constructed properly."

"The great surprise was that after they dug the grave, they met the woman just the way she was buried; There were no stains on her clothes; the rope they used to tie her body was also intact and all parts of her body were well preserved by Almighty Allah.

The wonderful surprise took place at Ojoo-Strabarg, Ibadan. ALLAH is great and believes in him and his messenger (SAW)."


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