Ugandan pastor burns heap of bibles, says they are misleading

The clergyman condemned the New Testament and the KJV referring to the books as misleading.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

Bugingo who is the head of the House of Prayer Ministries, Uganda mentioned that publications such as the New Testament and the King James account contains some omitted verses according to reports.

He addressed the subject concerning Fasting and Lent specifically, alleging that the "Holy Spirit" appeared seven times in the versions instead of 99 times.

As a result, the so-called man of God asked members of his church to gather these books and set fire on them which they dutifully obliged.

Images of a heap of bibles being burnt by fire were found in a report by the Daily Post News.

This will no doubt cause many Christians to be awe struck by the uncanny behaviour of the pastor whose instruction will be perceived as an oddity.


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