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I moved in with my boyfriend right before January, that was the worst decision I made [Part 1]

Have you ever doubted your sanity? I am now.

An unhappy couple during a fight

I’m not good at keeping my finances in check, however, with no kids and being in my 20s, why should I be worried? My Beau, Kavingu Mutheni, who I think is better than most men out there, is so romantic, caring and organized and pampers me like the queen I am.

Currently, I work as a cashier at one of the top five micro-finance banks in Kenya. My salary gives me about Sh 20,000 to play around with every month so it wasn't a very hard decision to make when “K” asked me to shack up with him in September last year.

I was really amused by the idea and the ‘fairy tale Kind of Life’ penetrated my thoughts; waking up to next to my king, a kiss on the forehead and cooking with him in the kitchen, oohh I liked it.


I moved in with my boyfriend in November

I assessed the risks of moving in with this ball of fun I've called my boyfriend for about 18 months and in my best judgment I didn't need any convincing that it was the best decision, considering I was already spending days on end in his apartment. Easy decision!

We launched our “free-trial marriage” in November. It was exciting but also taxing, I exhausted my savings trying to be ‘Muthoni the good wife’. I bought a reddish carpet, utensils for the kitchen a small fridge and installed Home Fibre since we didn't have a television set, you know how we ladies want our houses to look.

My 20k play money was fast disappearing, anyway, it was love and the heart wants what it wants.


It was no biggie, my boyfriend-husband was an accountant at a government office, he was a permanent & pensionable employee and at least he took up the responsibility of paying rent, buying gas and the KPLC tokens, “I’m covered”, I thought.

December Holiday was here

December holidays came and we spent our time between his parents’ place in Machakos and mine’s in Kiambu, oh yeah, our relationship is very “official” except for a ring and a few cows.

We then proceeded to Watamu in the Coast region where Kavingu booked a posh hotel during our stay. The warm weather, the stunning swimming pools and waking up to the waves and sight of beach was exquisite.


I know what my boyfriend earns and I knew we couldn't afford such a trip but I didn't ask any question, I concluded that he had either saved up for it through the year or he just had a really great side hustle.

The December holiday eventually ended and we flew back to Nairobi. "Damn! moving in with ‘K’ was the best decision I made" I told myself every time I thought about it.

Little did i know that my joy would be short-lived after 'K' informed me that he had not paid our rent for...I moved in with my boyfriend right before January, that was the worst decision I made [Part 2]


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