Jimmy Wanjigi reveals what police did to his wife during raid

I found several police officers under Mr Wanjigi's bed - Raila Odinga

Speaking to the press from his Muthaiga home where several police attempted to break into his home, Mr Wanjigi said that the police officers who had been deployed at his home assaulted his wife Nzisa Wanjigi.

“The police officers who were sent here assaulted my wife. They roughed up my wife who was trying to record their brutal activates of breaking into a section of my house,” Mr Wanjigi told the press.

He revealed that his wife kept crying throughout the three-day siege, even after police failed to access his safe room where he took refuge. Police officers failed to break into to whisk out Mr Wanjigi.

Police raided several establishments owned by Mr Wanjigi, creating tension in his home and several offices that lasted for three days, since Monday.

Mr Wanjigi argued that the current predicaments are out of his latest move to support Mr Odinga’s political endeavors.

He further revealed that Mr Kenyatta and Mr Odinga have been holding various meetings in his house, conspicuous being the meeting that was held in the 2013 after the general elections that the Supreme Court upheld.

“My support for baba is unwavering and unshaken and we will not be waived.  The Uhuru Kenyatta administration was created in this house. Mr Kenyatta and Raila Odinga met in this house in 2013 after the Supreme Court upheld his victory,” the Business mogul quipped.

He added: “They have visited here; their government was formed in this home. They have eaten in this home.”

Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga who also spoke at the press briefing revealed that he found dozens of police officers under Mr Wanjigi's bed, probably waiting to pounce on him.

"I found several police officers under Mr Wanjigi's bed and I had to leave the house. I did not know what they were waiting for," Raila told the media.

He added: “This home was totally vandalized, it was wanton destruction of private property - this behavior shows that state is a rogue and it started after Supreme Court ruling on presidential election."

On Tuesday, however, government spokesperson Mr Eric Kiraithe told a press briefing that the raid and investigation into Mr Wanjigi’s private life was in the interest of national security.


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