Kethi Kilonzo Sends Rare Warning Message to Raila

The lawyer gained public admiration after she passionately supported Odinga's petition after the 2013 election.

Kethi Kilonzo on Sunday issued the warning in a rather surprise public letter that was published by the Sunday Standard.

According to Ms Kilonzo, Odinga’s election boycott was not going to benefit Opposition presidential candidate or his supporters.

The celebrated lawyer, who is the daughter to former Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo, criticized the ongoing street demonstrations and warned that a sustained electioneering period would only serve to lower the morale of NASA supporters.

“A sustained electioneering period, beyond the 60 days mandated by the constitution and pronounced by the Supreme Court, will not in any way advantage you or the people you are seeking to vote.

“The ardor of your supporters will be dampened. Their strength will soon be exhausted. Their spirit will wane,” Kethi wrote.

Odinga was advised to follow the advice ancient Chinese army general and strategist Sun Tzu who warns that the “object of war is victory not lengthy campaigns”.

Kethis opined that the solution was for Odinga to face his adversaries in an election so as to expedite the political crisis that the country currently faces.


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