Akombe exposes the powerful person who threatened her

Shocking revelations

Speaking during an interview on NTV, Ms. Akombe divulged that before downing her tools a female MP was sent to scare her.

According to the ex-Commissioner, there were politicians who were not happy with her hard stance calling for the resignation of IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba and other officials.

Dr. Akombe disclosed that on several occasions during board meeting she advocated for the sacking of the officials involved in the bungled August 8 Election.

She also claimed that her call for a credible election was met with a lot of resistance.

However, this did not augur well with a section of the Commissioners and some politicians. This led to politicians sending an MP, who she withheld her name, to demand her resignation.

“I have been talking a lot about the credibility of the elections. I have said this point in the boardrooms and that is why I have been a victim of those phone calls.

"I have had members of Parliament following the news and even one of the MPs was sent to come and tell me to resign in September because I was giving people a hard time.

"She had been asked to come and talk to me and tell to leave in September because I was being tough headed, I was asking for Ezra Chiloba and others to resign and they could not resign, they could not leave. They were never going to leave," she said.

Akombe added: "They told me very clearly that it was either me or them. And I think now they have the opportunity to replace with somebody who can carry the water for them."

The 41-year-old insisted that the current Commission cannot hold a free and fair election.

She reiterated that her life was still in danger and cannot come back to the country.

Roselyn Akombe claims a credible repeat election isnt possible

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