Arsenal F.C’s manager’s future is uncertain after the latest 2-1 loss to Brighton. Arsenal fans are so furious with 68-year-old Arsene Wenger for the consistent losses that Arsenal has been suffering in the recent matches.

The Frenchman has been on the receiving end of the fans and the public, calling for him to resign or asking the team board management to oust him.

Commentator Paul Merson actually predicts that this is Wenger’s last season.

Arsenal last experienced a victory in the premier league on 3 February when they thrashed Everton an impressive 5-1. They also defeated swede Oustersunds FK 3-0 in the Europa Cup league.

However Arsenal lost 2-1 to Oustersunds later in their own backyard at Emirates.

Arsenal’s dismal performance has been credited to players’ poor performance which is seen as deliberate.

Paul Merson told Sky News that, “I felt sorry for Wenger last Sunday, as he put a team out there who acted as if they wouldn't be getting the blame.

"They know that Wenger is the man who will take the blame, and that's a problem. They're hanging their manager out to dry. Who's going to get the blame on Sunday if they lose? It'd be Wenger again, and it's gone beyond that now.”

Fans have even gone to the extent of giving the matches a wide berth in protest of Arsenal’s poor performance in the hands of Wenger.

Others demanded for his sack by chanting loudly after the Brighton game while lifting damning banners for Wenger.

Wenger however has remained adamant that he will remain and fight on.

He recently told Sky Sports that, "It's not easy, but I have enough experience and enough desire to turn things around and I must say that, at the moment, when you need to stay in the game we are making a few mistakes at the wrong moments.”

Arsenal failed to finish in the top four last season for the first time in Wenger’s 22-year tenure. They are currently in the sixth position, 13 points shy of Tottenham FC’s 58 which is in the fourth position.

Wenger’s contract is due to end in 2019.

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