Betway sports key to Kenya football success

Betway has carved out a niche of its own in just a few years.

Among the most popular online gambling providers in the world, Betway has carved out a niche of its own in just a few years.

In fact, there are only a few who haven't tried out Betway online sports betting yet. And yet while you might love to bet on the platform, did you know that the company does a lot more than just that?

How Is Betway Helping Kenyan Footballers to Do More?

Sports encouragement agency

Betway is now synonymous with sports encouragement agency. From the past decade, it has been making considerable donations and investments in the different African football teams.

The football teams have access to sophisticated sports kit; all thanks to Betway.

Even for Betway, it is more than just widening the betting game. It sincerely wishes to uplift the condition of sports and teams in African nations.

Kenya is no exception. With Kenyan Premier League being sponsored by Betway and Betway sponsoring the major teams, the future of Kenyan football looks promising.

Not only that, Betway has garnered the interest in the general mass by providing a high-quality betting experience just in the lines of the European betting giants. Together with the revenue, it allows them to garner enough views for their matches.

Betway and Youth: How is This Gambling Company Trying to Create a Difference?

Betway invests heavily in the young sporting clubs. Time to time, it is seen that they donate sporting kits or just some monetary help to them.

This helps in two ways. The Kenyan youth has long been susceptible to the crimes.

In lack of career opportunities, they automatically turn to crimes. But, what most people fail to notice is that Kenyan youth have a genetic advantage over other sportsmen.

Most of these have strong built and have high stamina. This can be channelled properly into sports to yield fantastic results. Betway is doing just this.

By encouraging local sports club, it is ensuring that the youngsters keep themselves engaged in sports and polish their skills.

The experienced coaches and good infrastructure have resulted in the training of many Kenyans into world-class players. The Kenyan premier league is the proof that the Kenyan football is definitely going to get the aim of playing in FIFA world cup 2022.

Betway and club sponsorships

Betway sponsors the KPL, Mathare United and AFC Leopards. The continuous sponsorship has enabled the KPL teams to have constant support of good coaches, FIFA accredited sporting facilities and definitely monetary gain.

The other teams have understood the importance of having a sponsor that play for a long time.

The clubs have now access to world-class facilities and are now ready to get international breaks. With such intense training and continuous support, the Kenyan football is definitely going to carve a niche.

Key role

Betway has undoubtedly changed the face of Kenyan football. The local teams have now good coaches and better training facilities. The Kenyan football is definitely on the right path, and Betway does enjoy playing its role in it all!


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