Sports Tribunal Disputes case challenging the Election of Gor Mahia Officials

Oketch, an aspirant for the chairman post in the polls had moved to challenge the validity of Ambrose Rachier being re- elected for another four year term as Gor chairman.

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier

The Ben Ohaga' chaired tribunal has since ruled that the complainants did not provide enough reason to justify the claim that the 13 petitioners were acting on behalf of 1500 struck off the list.

“I (therefore) lodged a complaint with the Sports Dispute Tribunal who directed the elections to go on but the elected officials would hold their briefs on interim basis until the case is heard and determined.

The ruling was made on April 5th and the SDT upheld the election results citing the petitioners' failure to provide proof that the 13 petitioners could not prove that they were validly acting on behalf of the over 1500 who were struck off the list. Validity of the voters whose names were struck off the list.

Now that the office is fully mandated to run the club's affairs until the next elections, i concede and congratulate all the elected officials and wish them the best in their tenure, part of his concession statement read

Gor Mahia incumbent chair is now expected to complete four more years at the helm of the club.

The court had allowed the process to go on with the newly elected officials acting on an interim basis since.


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