One of the world’s most respected media houses has now accused NASA leader Raila Odinga of planning to use violence as a bargaining chip to power.

London-based magazine, The Economist, on Wednesday published, through their online platform, some rather unsavory remarks on Odinga’s strategy and chances of rising to power.

The article titled Raila Odinga takes a gamble by threatening to boycott Kenya’s election, was published in the wake of Odinga’s withdrawal from the repeat Presidential election slotted for October 26.

According to the respected magazine, the former Prime Minister’s decision to withdraw relied on the threat of violence which he hoped his supporters would unleash as a way of stopping the repeat polls.

“By walking away, Mr Odinga seems to be gambling on his ability to threaten chaos to push Mr Kenyatta to negotiate,” the Magazine writes in part.

The article further noted that Odinga’s plan had been undermined by lack of financial resources but added that the Opposition chief’s visit to the UK and US was meant to seek support from NASA’s international friends.

“The candidate himself had made plans to travel to Britain and possibly America two weeks before the vote - prime campaigning time - presumably to drum up international support,”

The article was not well received by a section of NASA supporters who criticized the magazine under a hashtag dubbed, #TheEconomistLies.

Here are some of the reactions: