Socialite Vera Sidika has come out to deny allegations that Otile Browns sex game made her sing after their bitter fall out.

In a series of rants shared via her Insta-stories, Vera disclosed intimate details about her past sex-relationship with Otile castigating his sex game.

In her messages, Ms Sidika stated that she wanted to clarify allegations that Otile’s sex game drove her crazy until she had to compose a song for the break-up.

“In laws, I have a kind request may you pals stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng (D*ck) made me sing. First of all . its small and should probably be called kijulubeng not mjulubeng. If you think am lying asl the girls he’s fucked before. I was the one even teaching him how to f**ck and still never got it. It was a topic of discussion from time to time"

Queen vee added that Otile’s romance game was at Zero “He claimed I’m a sex addict and would play with myself while he sleeping , who woudlnt  if a man can’t statisty u.  No forelay, no kisses . no touching. Just f**cks and cums in 10 seconds. Of course u will pklay with yourself coz he left u hanging ..nothing wrong in that”

Vera mentioned that“Yall seen the receipts so nope …his D didn’t make me sing. Never Ever. May be if the game was On Point. Women can ve with a guy with the biggest and still not be im love with him. But fall in love with the tinest D*ck and wack game coz of emotional attraction and how he makes her feel, love, care, attention, so its not always about Sex.”

Break Up

Vera confirmed that she had parted ways with Otile Brown days after they dropped a song together dubbed Baby Love.

In two long posts, Sidika expressed disappointment in her relationship with Otile after the Singer told her that he no longer loved her. They later on re-united in Dubai but broke up again after Otile borrowed her money to buy a new car.

"Otile and I are no longer in a relationship. For the first time, this (relationship) felt right. You can laugh about it but am just gonna be open and speak my mind today. I loved him wholeheartedly thinking he was in this relationship out of love, he portrayed but I guess I was wrong,” reads part of Vera Sidika’s statement