Common mistakes first time car buyers make [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

And how to avoid them

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There are many mistakes first-time car buyers make during their first purchase.

According to car experts, these are mistakes you can avoid. Some of the errors include:

Don't rush

If you fall in love with a car, take some time to step back to ensure it's the right car for you according to your needs. In a nutshell, don't allow your heart to rule your head because it will cost you.

Buying a car should not be a decision you come to at the spur of the moment. Allow yourself a few days to think about it. It's also a good idea to shop around and compare estimates from different vendors. If the car you want is out of your price range, try a gently used model of the exact vehicle.

Don't get distracted

Being more interested in the shape, color, and number plate of a car instead of the car's performance in terms of engine capacity and reliability.

If you've ever owned a car that was constantly needing repairs, you understand how crucial reliability is. Ensuring you have a suitable engine capacity will save you the trouble of recurrent car repairs.

Don't make the error of buying a car that "looks good", even if it "feels wonderful" when you test drive it. Take a mechanic friend with you or have it inspected by a professional unless you have excellent car experience.

Dreading the idea of buying used cars

According to car dealers, several first car buyers mistakenly believe that "only a new vehicle will do", while in fact, used cars are a great first car alternative.

New cars are more pricey, have a higher depreciation rate in the first year, and require extra insurance coverage. Used cars have previously depreciated, will depreciate less in the future, are more affordable and need less insurance.

Failing to test drive the car before buying

Because buying your first car is so thrilling, it's common for a buyer to avoid taking it for a comprehensive test drive before signing the papers. Because certain vehicles are more pleasurable to drive than others, this is a critical stage that you should not skip (or you will likely be disappointed).

During a test drive, there are several things to keep an eye on. Buyers should consider how they will utilize the vehicle daily: highway driving, carrying children, and parking in various situations.

Being pressured during the first purchase

Car salespeople are known for being pushy and saying or doing everything to close a sale. It's crucial to avoid being pushed into purchasing before you're ready or have gone over all of your options. If you're a first-time customer, a salesperson will be able to tell, and they won't be reluctant to utilize that information to their advantage.

Look into various vehicle selections, read dealer reviews, and compare quotes from motor loan companies before turning the key in the ignition.

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