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Making new year's resolutions? Here are 4 great suggestions

#FeatureByALX Africa - Are you ready to take on new challenges and achieve your goals in 2023?

A man engaged in an activity on a laptop Photo Credits - Mirel Kipioro

Setting resolutions for the new year is one great tool for self-improvement, especially considering that most people make deliberate efforts to improve their economic and career lives.

What most people don’t anticipate is the challenges that come with any goal that you set for yourself.

In addition, without access to the right know-how, one may easily give up when things get hard.

ALX Africa is encouraging Kenyans to #DoHardThings and there’s no better time to take up the challenge than at the beginning of the year.


Here are four resolutions ALX can help you accomplish in 2023.

Tough challenges are not only running five kilometres every morning for fitness or cutting that soda off your diet for health, learning is a huge commitment with just as high a reward.

ALX aims to drive digital transformation in Africa as the next frontier of development. The institution offers a range of courses in technology including some that have long been considered hard subjects.

From software development to data analysis, data science, AWS Cloud Developer and salesforce administration.


Lessons from the last couple of years have shown us that it is possible for a worker to make a living without having to physically leave the country to pursue opportunities.

In this digital era, if you have an interest in tech it is possible to pursue a career in the field and successfully so. This is the perfect opportunity to make that career change and get it off your bucket list.

Enroll with ALX here and begin your journey to becoming a software engineer, data analyst and so much more.


Perhaps your goal for the year is to meet new people or even a mentor. In an era where technology has brought the world together, your mentor could be in the digital space.

ALX will provide you with an opportunity to become a member of a fellowship community that will expose you to other professionals from across the continent.

You will also have access to mentors and peers undertaking the programme at the same time as you are.


Want to be your own boss? Well, this could be that year.

At ALX you are imparted with technical and soft professional development skills which guide you to traverse the digital landscape and compete with other engineers favourably.

The skills taught at ALX further give you a head start as you enter the digital world.


Enroll with ALX today and not only realize your new year's resolutions but also gain skills that will shape your career and even change how you make future goals.

#FeatureByALX Africa



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