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Why Bata Shoe Company has temporarily shut down operations

Rumours have been rife on social media that the shoe company has fired all its employees and plans to shut down in Kenya

Bata shoe company

Bata Shoe Company, a renowned name in the footwear industry, has swiftly addressed and debunked circulating rumors on social media regarding the closure of its operations in Kenya.

The company's Managing Director, Benson Okumu, took notice to clarify the situation and assure the public that Bata Shoe Company is not shutting down but rather undergoing a routine maintenance shutdown.

In a statement released on Saturday, Okumu emphasized that the company is conducting its regular annual maintenance shutdown, a practice that is customary during the off-peak season.

"We are in business. We are on a normal annual maintenance shutdown normally provided for during the off-peak season," Okumu stated.


Okumu further highlighted that Bata Shoe Company is a heritage business with a strategic operational approach, which includes seasonal breaks within its scope.

"We are heritage business, strategic in operations for commercial output thus seasonal breaks in production are within our scope," read Okumu's statement.

Addressing concerns from customers and business partners, Okumu reaffirmed that all Bata Shoe Company stores remain open and fully operational. He assured the public that the company's commitment to providing quality footwear and excellent service remains unwavering.

"All our branches are open and functional with great teams to serve you and a wide variety of shoes in ample stocks to deliver for our promise - to provide quality footwear for all," said Okumu.


With a rich history dating back to 1939, Bata Kenya has been a prominent player in the country's footwear market. Boasting over 150 stores nationwide, the company which is located in Limuru has continuously provided customers with a wide range of footwear options.



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