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BIC Kenya Wembesha Campaign hosts confidence & wellness panel discussion at Catholic University of East Africa

BIC Kenya through its Wembesha Campaign, brought excitement to the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) as it hosted students in several interactive activities, including a panel discussion on confidence and wellness featuring popular comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and media personality Shixx Kapienga.

Comedian and Media Personality Njugush, Media Personality Shixx Kapienga, Mental Health activist Kasmuel McOure and BIC East Africa Head of Marketing Salome Ngugi during the panel discussion on Confidence and Wellness

Together, they shared profound insights and personal experiences on building confidence, overcoming mental challenges in their daily lives as students, and cultivating self-assurance. During the panel discussions, perspectives on confidence-building strategies were also shared, encouraging students to embrace their individuality.

Additionally, the panel included Kasmuel McOure, a dedicated mental health activist, who courageously discussed his personal journey toward confidence while navigating mental health challenges. His insights shed light on the importance of mental wellness and resilience.

CUEA students took part in a variety of fun activities, including Jenga, Buzz Alert, photo sessions, and a free Kinyozi Shaving Experience with celebrity barbers. These activities provided opportunities for students to unwind, connect with their peers, and experience moments of joy and relaxation amidst the academic environment.

"As part of our campaign, we recognise young people's challenges and societal pressures while growing up. These factors often impact confidence and mental well-being. We must stay proactive and not let these challenges affect our confidence and well-being," commented Salome Ngugi, BIC East Africa Marketing Director.


The Wembesha campaign remains committed to supporting youth empowerment initiatives and looks forward to continuing its mission of fostering confidence and wellness among young people.



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