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Charlene Ruto shares details of her new agribusiness venture [Photos]

Charlene Ruto shares her experience in her new bee-keeping venture

Charlene Ruto branding the location of her hives

President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto has embarked on an exciting beekeeping venture, infusing her own unique flair into the industry.

Sharing her journey on social media, she revealed her passion for beekeeping and the steps she has taken to transform the project into something extraordinary.

Recognizing the importance of branding, Charlene dedicated time and effort to creating an attractive and eye-catching beekeeping setup.

Every detail was meticulously considered, from labelling the beehouses to carefully selecting colours for the new beehives.


With a touch of personalisation, she proudly named her venture "Kapkoi," symbolizing its location next to a rocky place.

Charlene shared an inspiring message about embracing one's projects and finding joy in the process.

She encouraged others to take pride in their businesses and create spaces that reflect their happiness.


Drawing on her family's background in agribusiness, Charlene spent time with her grandparents, tending to their own beehives, and learning valuable lessons.

During a visit, she assisted in cleaning and harvesting their honey, experiencing firsthand the exceptional quality they produced.

While encountering a humorous mishap of getting stung three times due to an unfinished suit zip, Charlene emphasized the significance of safety precautions in beekeeping.

She explored the honey processing room to witness the extraction and refinement process.


Charlene discovered that honey colour varies based on the bees' diet, with her own honey displaying a darker hue.

She also shared videos showing the delicate decapping process, removing the comb's top layer, and the impressive centrifugal force used to extract honey.



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