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CEO behind world's largest floating office picks Nairobi for mega project

GCA to build the world's largest adaptation building in Nairobi

President William Ruto on a visit to GCA's floating headquarters in Natherlands

President William Ruto has lauded the Global Center on Adaptation for its decision to open its Africa office in Nairobi.

President Ruto made the announcement after meeting GCA CEO Prof Patrick Verkooijen at State House on Thursday, September 29.

The organisation intends to make its Nairobi office the largest adaptation building in the world.


Adaptation building means construction practices and techniques that are environmentally conscious and resilient in the face of climate change impacts.

It involves building with an awareness of and preparation for the changing climate and its potential challenges.

“This tactical move will go a long way in building more innovative solutions to accelerate action for a climate-resilient future of our continent,” President Ruto said.

This won’t be the first time the organisation has surprised the world through adaptation construction.


Launched in 2021, GCA’s headquarters in Rotterdam is the largest floating office in the world.

The building is built on top of Rotterdam’s Nieuwe Maas River.

President Ruto joined global leaders on May 7, at the Global Centre on Adaptation's (GCA) floating headquarters in the Netherlands, to participate in a strategic dialogue on climate action.


The building was predominantly constructed using sustainably sourced European timber, a choice that carries significant environmental advantages.

This decision not only reduces the building's carbon footprint but also underscores the environmental concerns associated with concrete, which ranks as the most widely utilized construction material globally and is responsible for a substantial portion of the world's carbon emissions.


Situated on the building's rooftop, there is an expansive array of solar panels, covering an area exceeding 900 square meters and strategically oriented to maximize exposure to sunlight.



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