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UKGC credit card ban: Alternatives for Kenyan travelers visiting UK casinos



Great Britain has a rich casino and betting history. The first mention of the regulation of gambling activity dates back to 1541 when the Unlawful Games Act was implemented.

Currently, many land-based and online casinos offer a variety of software powered by top providers and high-quality service.

Not surprisingly, it attracts many gambling tourists, especially from Kenya. However, many of them face the problem of being unable to use a credit card to make a deposit.

This ban was first introduced in April 2020 to add another layer of protection to gamblers and prevent them from playing with borrowed money.


The ban resulted from a long study of the gambling activity of players. In the future, it is planned to continue studying the long-term consequences of this ban on financial and gambling behaviour, which will be carried out by the National Center for Social Research commissioned by Greo.

As mentioned above, the main reason for the credit card ban was the players' financial security, especially regarding high-interest credit cards.

According to a study conducted by the UKGC, 22% of casino players using credit cards are at risk of developing gambling addiction. An important element of the ban was to prevent the participation of minors in gambling activities.

Before implementing the ban, UKGC experts consulted with representatives of casino operators, supporting organizations, individuals, etc.


The established concern of all participants in the gambling market has become the main motivator for abandoning credit cards. It was also recognized that previous measures (setting limits and the possibility of blocking gambling transactions) were ineffective.

However, not all casinos in the UK impose a ban on the use of credit cards. As you know, the UK gambling market is open, and you can register on multiple offshore gaming platforms, which are distinguished by more liberal terms of use. If you do a little search, you will notice that most allow you to make card deposits at with credit cards and make withdrawals on any of your CCs.

However, UK-based casinos offer many other banking options for Kenyan gamblers, including the following:

  1. Debit cards;
  2. Electronic wallets;
  3. Prepaid cards;
  4. Mobile payment options;
  5. Cryptos, and more.

They all have their own peculiarities but are united by top secure measures and ease of use.

Debit cards

It is the most popular and straightforward banking option often used by Kenyan gamblers. Debit cards are directly linked to your bank account, which makes it possible to process deposits immediately. Most offshore casinos in the UK accept debit cards by Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard.

Since transactions are processed according to bank security standards, you do not need to worry about protecting your personal and financial data. As for withdrawals, the processing time may vary from 2 to 5 days, depending on the casino, account verification issues, banking system loading, and more.


Electronic wallets

E-wallets are a perfect option to store funds, make deposits, and withdraw winnings separately from your bank account. It significantly speeds up online transactions. Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill are among the most popular e-wallets available at almost any online casino.

Since they act as intermediaries between your bank account and the casino, you do not need to share your sensitive data with the gaming site. Deposit transactions are performed almost instantly, while you should wait 24 to 48 hours for withdrawals. To access your account, you may use any type of device.

Prepaid cards

Paysafecard and other prepaid cards are perfect for completely anonymous and secure depositing funds and playing. To get started, you must buy a card with a predetermined sum. You can do it online or from special retailers. After that, input a unique card code during depositing on the casino site and start to play.


Since it is not linked to your bank card, you can take advantage of an extra security layer and better control your spending. The only drawback is that using it for cashing out is impossible.

Mobile payment options

Apple Pay or Google Pay are currently essential payment options for gamblers who want to deposit and charge it to their mobile phone bill. These services allow quick, tap-and-pay style deposits. Also, players may take advantage of additional security measures, like Face ID or fingerprint scanning, that add an extra protection layer.

Bank transfers

These are direct options for sending funds to an online casino from your bank account. Like debit card transactions, they use the bank's security standards infrastructure. On the other hand, bank transfers work slower, especially regarding withdrawals (up to 3 days). If you pick this option, you must check available fees beforehand, both on the bank and the casino’s side.



Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, and other virtual money offer anonymity and fast transaction speed since they operate without financial intermediaries.

Plus, they operate without (or with a minimum) fees, which makes them a preferable option. While using cryptos, you should remember the high volatility of virtual money.

The modern UK gambling market offers many casinos controlled by UKGC. They offer a variety of top games from well-known providers, a high level of service, and a reliable customer support service.


At the same time, since 2020, the UKGC has banned credit card use in UK-based casinos for security reasons and adherence to the Responsible Gambling rules. The credit card ban has had a big influence on the gambling industry.

On the one hand, this can cause some problems, including for gambling tourists from Kenya. On the other hand, they can always check out offshore casinos available in the UK. They offer a wider selection of banking options and actively process credit card transactions.




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