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WhatsApp unveils new feature to prevent screenshot of profile pictures

Beyond protecting profile pictures, WhatsApp is also exploring other data protection measures.

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WhatsApp, the Meta-owned instant messaging giant, is rolling out a pioneering privacy feature designed to safeguard users' profile pictures from unauthorized screenshots, a move aimed at bolstering personal privacy on the platform.

This innovative update seeks to address the concerns of Android users by preventing the downloading and sharing of profile pictures without explicit consent, marking a significant step forward in the protection of personal digital spaces.

The initiative, as reported by WABetaInfo, introduces a mechanism that allows users to prevent others from taking screenshots of their profile photos.

This development is a response to the growing need for enhanced privacy measures on social media and messaging platforms, where personal images can sometimes be misused.


"By allowing users to block screenshots of their profile photos, WhatsApp gives users more control over their privacy and ensures that their images aren’t shared or stored without permission," WABetaInfo explains.

The feature, which is currently available to a select group of beta testers through the latest updates of WhatsApp beta for Android, aims to curtail the unauthorized distribution and misuse of profile photos.

Instances of impersonation or harassment using others' profile photos have prompted this proactive approach.


"By restricting the ability to take screenshots of profile photos, WhatsApp can mitigate the risk of these photos being misused or distributed without the owner’s consent," WABetaInfo elaborates on the feature's significance.

Upon attempting to take a screenshot of a profile photo, users will encounter a notification that blocks the action, thereby adding an extra layer of privacy.

This measure, while it does not completely eliminate the possibility of capturing the image through other means such as using a secondary device, significantly deters the casual and unauthorized sharing of profile photos.

This initiative is part of WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy. Previously, in 2019, WhatsApp made it impossible for users to download others' profile pictures.


Additionally, the platform provides options for users to restrict the visibility of their profile pictures to ‘everyone,’ ‘nobody,’ or ‘my contacts’ only, through the privacy settings.

Beyond protecting profile pictures, WhatsApp is also exploring other data protection measures.



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