PigiaMe Online Market Day

First Thursday of the month

PigiaMe Online Market Day

What do you do when you want to buy or sell something?

The internet has changed how people shop; and interestingly, the events of 2020 have also had a transformative shift in how most people shop. The new online shopping journey now includes: inspiration, research, and purchase.

It is imperative that brands meet consumers where they already are and where they are going next, while still being attentive to meeting new consumer demands.

So how is PigiaMe achieving this? By being attentive to meeting new consumer demands and meeting the consumer where they are.

On 4th March, PigiaMe launched a user education campaign on Twitter, trending under under the hashtag #PigiaMeOnlineMarketDay. Most people online don’t want brands forcing their way into conversations. The beauty of PigiaMe’s campaign is that they stayed socially intelligent and hired micro influencers. So why would the brand reach out to people with less following? Micro influencers have more targeted audiences and generally are perceived to be more authentic. This kind of diversification achieved brand resonance with the audience.

The campaign attracted quite a conversation on Twitter and one influencer @Maktejah really broke down what the consumer journey for both buyers and sellers would look like.

This, we believe, was very paramount for the campaign and buyers and sellers were appreciative of this.

Since the conversation has been slated for the first Thursday of every month, it would be important to highlight the key thing both buyers and sellers are looking for: trust. We need to highlight that PigiaMe is a one-stop shop for sellers and buyers, with focus on a seamless consumer buying journey.

One thing that struck out (and needs to come out in the campaign) is the ability for PigiaMe to conclusively and efficiently conduct diligence checks. Consumers go for trust and it is important to show them that we have them at top of mind.

For every seller, PigiaMe ensures that first there is a physical location that the buyer can go to check out the products as advertised. Additionally, once the seller has agreed to do it, PigiaMe goes to visit the shop to ensure that whatever product/service offered on the site is available at the shop.

This is a conversation to explore and one that Kenyans on Twitter would appreciate about the brand.

According to Pew Research, 82% of consumers check reviews before posting. It is important to highlight some of these reviews and testimonials while pushing the conversation on Twitter.

Most online consumers trust that if they see a good review on PigiaMe, then they are inclined to believe in the authenticity of the brand. The campaign needs to take advantage of this.

Lastly, #PigiaMeOnlineMarket day needs to explore marketing agility. Marketing agility ensures that when receiving conclusive data on how the first #PigiaMeOnlineMarket day went, the brand can make adjustments to fit the insights gathered.

For example, we can incorporate observations and findings based on influencer reports. One insight is the use of video for the next #PigiaMeOnlineMarket day. Video is King.

Right now, a brand might lose many consumers who skim through text trying to understand what the campaign is about. However, having informative videos and infographics usually helps the brand navigate through evolving consumer needs.

With the transformative shift happening in digital especially since the start of the Covid pandemic, many consumers prefer watching videos as opposed to text heavy campaigns.

These insights will help shape the next #PigiaMeOnlineMarket day conversation on Twitter and other digital media platforms.


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