Shopping for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend

Go ye, and spoil your boyfriend!

Shopping for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend (Photo/Courtesy)

The festive season is here, and different people celebrate Christmas in different ways. For some, this is the time to be with family, to others this is the time to travel and for others this is the time to gift loved ones.

Not everyone practices this, (gifting), but many people are warming up to this idea, and embracing the tradition at an unbelievable rate.

Gifting a man can, however, be one of the most challenging things to do, and this is especially when the person you want to gift is your boyfriend. This way, you will try as much as possible to get a gift that is not cliché, and one that will truly make him happy.

Traditionally, when it comes to getting gifts for men, most women would go for gifts like, a belt, socks, perfume, cufflinks, a card holder and boxers, among other things. These gifts are okay, but they can be too predictable.

The good thing about non-cliché gifts is that even if he doesn’t like what you give him, he will appreciate the effort you put in.

As you look to spoil your boyfriend this Christmas online classifieds platform PigiaMe offers you a one stop shop, where you can get that gift for the man you love.

The platform offers a variety of products for one to choose from and believe me, getting a gift will be the least of your worries. You can choose from the different categories the platform offers, from electronics, to home/kitchen appliances, vehicles, property, kids’ stuff and car accessories among others.

It saves you from having to go around looking for the gifts physically as it connects you directly to the seller, from the comfort of your home. All one needs is a smartphone and internet to do their shopping on PigiaMe.

Here are some of the gifts you can get the man that warms your heart;

A nice, stylish watch

A watch is one of the most cherished accessories a man can own. Some do it to make fashion statements, while others do it because it's like a culture they have to live by. What i’m trying to say here is that men love fancy watches, and as you look to impress your boyfriend, a stylish piece will definitely get you what you want at the end of the day.

Good pair of shoes

They say, the kind of shoe a man wears can tell a lot about who he is. Getting your man shoes for Christmas is a brilliant idea that most people should consider. There’s also a variety of shoes one can choose from, including but not limited to official shoes, sports shoes or even driving shoes.

A good phone

The good thing with a gift such as a phone is that he will use it every day and he will always think of you. Men prefer simplicity, and this is your chance to upgrade your man to the latest phone in the market.

A car accessory to complement what he already has in the car

Men totally love their cars. Any gift involving the car will be totally appreciated and there’s a lot you can get him for the car to have a better look.

A washing machine

Tired of seeing your man washing clothes by himself, or taking weekly trips to the dry cleaners to have his clothes washed. Here’s the best gift you can give him, to stop him from taking such visits, a washing machine!

A nicely designed wall hanging

If your man is artistic or loves artistic stuff, one of the best gifts you can get him is a nicely designed painting or wall hanging. This way, you show that you truly understand him, and therefore, a few more points for you.

Skincare products like shaving cream, and beard oil

Beard oil hydrates the skin, softens the beard and can also be used for styling. If your guy loves his beard, ensure it’s neat and lustrous by getting him a good beard oil. You can also get him shaving cream

A travel bag

As much as your boyfriend will be fine travelling with a suitcase and a laptop bag, it will be wise for you to have him travel in style by getting him that stylish leather or canvas bag that he can use for his weekend travels.


Any man will appreciate a good pair of headphones. Especially if they are wireless. He can use them at work, at the gym, while jogging, while traveling etc.


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