Sports Upsets and Betting Tips

Here are some of the most recent sports upsets and betting tips that you can learn from

Mo Salah. Sports upsets and betting tips (Courtesy/UPI)

The sports world can be extremely cutthroat, especially when it comes to betting. While there are favourites to every match, and sometimes even heavy favourites, things don’t always play out like how they are supposed to. This means that you can either stand to make a lot of money, or lose a ton of money on what you thought would be a guarantee. Here are some of the most recent sports upsets and betting tips that you can learn from them.

Before jumping into an analysis of matches and tips that you can use, it is important to understand how to go about sports betting. There are plenty of websites for you to choose from, whether you are living in the United States or Kenya. Don’t think if you live in a smaller country your options are limited. There are many sites offering free bets for Kenya allowing you to not only play, but take advantage of some promotions. No matter where you are in the world, you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible betting experience.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals - October 25th

These two teams met on October 25th and despite them both having extremely good records in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks were heavy favourites in the match with odds coming in at -185. Despite these odds, the Cardinals came back to win it 37-34 in overtime following a great performance by their quarterback Kyler Murray. Despite a huge game from Tyler Lockett on the Seahawks, they just couldn’t win the game.

What is there to learn from this game? This is a great example of showing how the sports world can simply take your money. While both teams were extremely good, the Seahawks were favourites for a reason. Their offense has been explosive all year and they showed no signs of slowing down against this Arizona team. Despite all of that however, they were unable to win. Anyone who bet on Arizona would have made a lot of money and this game can also show the importance of reading and understanding the line.

Arizona came into the game 4-2 while the Seahawks were 5-0. Both teams were great in their own right, however the Seahawks did have the edge record wise. That being said, the line heavily favoured the Seahawks all things considered. Make sure that you study value bet situations and see if there are any times the line might be a little incorrect.

Denver Nuggets vs LA Clippers - 7 Game Series

The NBA bubble project recently came to a close with the Lakers winning the championship. It was an exciting postseason with plenty of upsets and interesting games to watch. The LA Clippers were listed as favourites to beat out the Nuggets in the postseason and advance to play the Lakers in the conference finals. Things didn’t work out that way though as the Nuggets were able to beat them in 7 games, causing many people to lose out on thousands of dollars.

This series is a great example of why you have to look at how a team is playing before you bet on them. On paper, the Clippers were the better team with two superstar caliber players and some great role players. Looking back at the series before this one though, the Clippers struggled mightily against a team that they should have been able to easily beat. The Nuggets were also coming off a great series win and had momentum on their side. Always look at how the teams have been playing recently when it comes time to decide on who you are going to bet on.

The importance of finding value with your bet and evaluating both teams is important towards winning the bet. It is not as black and white as betting on the favoured team. Always do your research and place your money on who you think is going to be the better team that day. What is your favourite sport to bet on?


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