Here’s how you can Send Money across ALL Networks at No Cost

You can now send money to All networks, at No Cost!

Mugo Kibati (CEO, Telkom Kenya). Saddiq Mwai (Director, Digital Financial Services (DFS)), Julius Cheptiony (Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer)

One of the biggest strains Kenyans have had to deal with over the years, and one which has seen numerous complaints raised, only to fall on deaf ears is the cost of sending money from one user to another.

This burden grows bigger when one needs to send money to a user on a competitor network, leaving many of us at one point in time having to bargain with people as you cannot afford to send them the exact amount they want bearing in mind your transaction costs.

Young people continue to be the biggest casualties of the mobile money service charges that keep increasing from time to time. These amounts increase as you send higher amounts of money. The COVID-19 period has only worsened the situation in various ways.

However, today is your lucky day as your prayers to have this part of your life; where you have to keep calculating how much you need to send, and how much money you need to send so the recipient can receive an exact amount have gotten the attention of someone. This is the first time it is happening and believe me, Telkom Kenya, through its mobile money service T-kash is out to take care of you.

T-kash is now offering users a chance to send money at no charge to all networks in the country. This noble promo that has come to help Kenyans worry less in terms of sending money to their families and friends will run for sixty (60) days.

The good news is that you will not have to worry about the mathematics involved in sending money across networks, for the next two months, with the T-kash mobile money platform.

Within the same period, customers will get an extra 25% worth of bonus airtime, when they purchase airtime via T-kash.

And that’s not all! Telkom will also be rewarding its customers with Data when they use T-kash to pay bills. Payment of monthly utilities such as Nairobi Water, Kenya Power – for both pre-paid and post-paid bills, and to pay-TV platforms such as GoTV, Star Times and Zuku, have been included into this reward bracket.

For a frequent user of mobile money platforms, this is your chance to save a lot more from the service charge you would have lost, transacting on the other platforms.

Is this a much-needed break? Yes, and Telkom’s T-kash is your gateway to less mental Mazematics!


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