Office Christmas parties are great for numerous reasons; free booze, great music and best of all no working.

On the flip side though, people are also notorious for getting a bit too drunk and doing a bit too much. While some of these antics could come off as hilarious, other times they don’t quite elicit that type of reaction.

Here are 6 things you shouldn’t do during your office Christmas party.

1.Do not get drunk

Especially if you know you can’t handle your liquor well, it may be best to stick to one or two drinks for the night.

As much as it is a great time to let down your hair and let loose, always have it in the back of your mind that your bosses are around and you don’t want to tarnish your reputation that easily over a party.

2.Stay away from your boss if you do get drunk

Speaking of getting drunk, if you have some ‘criticism’ for your boss, then when your drunk is not the best time to have a word with him.

3.Don’t try and settle an issue you have with someone at the party– it is festive season

Your colleague did something shady to you a week ago or they threw you under the bus; the Christmas party is probably not the best time and place to settle score.

No one likes the aggressive drunk so settle your beef before the party; sincerely everyone.

4.Dress properly

Remember when we said that what happens at the Christmas party does not necessarily stay at the Christmas party; the way you dress will definitely not end that night. You don’t want to be the work mate that came in booty shorts and a tank top because issa party.

5.Don’t call in sick the next day

Don’t ‘call in sick’ the next day if your illness is self-induced. You’re just going to have to push through that hangover and work.

6.Don’t steal alcohol

You know that annoying moment when alcohol arrives at the party and you get your first round and go mingle because there’s more than enough alcohol to last the evening. You go back to the bar after a few hours to get your second round and poof all the alcohol is gone.

And no people didn’t drink it all, someone decided to continue the party by themselves at home by thugging the communal alcohol – shame on you.