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Video emerges of Kenyan speaking Kikuyu on American show, Love Island

"Wambui wa Njoroge uka haha."

Trina Njoroge was eliminated from the third season of hit reality TV show, Love Island USA.

A beautiful video has emerged of former Love Island participant, Trina Njoroge being spoken to in Kikuyu by her mother live on American TV.

In the seven seconds long video, Njoroge is seated at the gazebo interacting with fellow participants when a strange voice is heard from the background.

For a brief moment, everyone is startled as they try to comprehend what is going on. Njoroge's mood suddenly changes from bored to excited as soon as she hears and sees her mother.

"Wambui wa Njoroge..uka haha," said her mum to which Njoroge responded by letting out a squeal followed by the 24 year old running to hug her mother.


Elimination from the competition

On Thursday, August 12, Njoroge was eliminated from Love Island missing out on the coveted Sh.10,000,000 prize money.

The islanders had to vote among themselves to remove a couple they felt was least compatible from the villa.

Although the recent episodes saw cracks developing in Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama's relationship, and the clear lack of chemistry between Alana Paolucci and her partner Charlie Lynch, the islanders decided to give the boot to Njoroge and Andre Brunelli from the villa.


All the couples voted against Trina and Andre as they felt that they didn't have any chemistry between them.

Trina and Andre however felt that Charlie and Alana were the least compatible couple. Since the majority votes were against Trina and Andre, the couple had to leave the villa.

Fans were far from pleased with the islanders' decision. The audience recently voted for Trina and Andre as one of the couples with the strongest connection.

Many of them were even planning on voting for Trina and Andre to win the show. But with them being voted out ahead of the finale, fans aren't happy about it and took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.


Trina Njoroge's background

Since the beginning of the third season of Love Island USA, all eyes have been on one particular character, Kenyan-American Trina Njoroge.

Njoroge was born and raised in Bakersfield, California before moving out to Los Angeles County. She attended Mt. Kenya Academy in Nyeri County for one year before moving to Hacienda Heights in California.

Njoroge is a mannequin and pageant queen, however her principal job is working as a psychiatric nurse.


Njoroge bagged the coveted Face of Kenya USA title in 2015. Last year saw her get awarded Miss Hacienda Heights USA, and was able to compete for the title of Miss California USA in January 2020.

Similarly, Trina won Miss Teen 'Peoples Choice Award’, ‘Most Photogenic’, and 'Second Runner Up'.

Trina has also shown an interest in social works and has been involved in numerous charity works such as the non-profit organisation, Angels Forgotten located in Elburgon, Nakuru County.

In 2009, they registered the non-profit organization “angelsforgotteninc.” and opened the Angels Forgotten Children Center. Since then, the charity has been feeding these orphans, educating them, and also meeting their healthcare needs.


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