A lockdown is a bad idea – Ezekiel Mutua

Who is pushing for this lockdown crap?-Mutua

A lockdown is a bad idea – Ezekiel Mutua Chief Executive Officer of KFCB

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua has said that a total lockdown will be a bad idea for many Kenyans, unless the government has a plan for a feeding program in place.

In a tweet, The KFCB boss said that the lockdown wouldn’t work for people who survive on hand to mouth.

He called out Kenyans calling for the lockdown, stating that they are salaried individuals sitting comfortably at their homes without much strain.

Mutua questioned who was pushing for the lockdown.

Who is pushing this lockdown crap and why? Salaried people sitting in the comfort of their homes can pontificate to others about lockdown. Those who live from hand to mouth or have relatives and friends who do, a lockdown is a bad idea, unless there's a plan to feed the people!” he wrote.

Ezekiel Mutua’s tweet came shortly after Kenyans on Twitter called for a lockdown with #LockDownKenya, a hashtag that has topped the trending list for most of the day.

On Monday, two local dailies (Daily Nation and The Star) published the lockdown as their front page stories, after a poll conducted by Infotrak said 68 percent of Kenyans are in favour of the lockdown.


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