Boniface Mwangi comes to Betty Kyallo’s defense after bitter rant on Instagram live

On Monday a drunk Betty Kyallo went viral on Social media

Shaffie Weru and Boniface Mwangi defends Betty Kyallo after KOT trolled her over drunk video

Human rights Activist Boniface Mwangi and Media Personality Shaffie Weru have come out to defend K24’s Betty Kyallo after her drunk video went viral with Netizens bashing her.

In a tweet, Weru argued that no one is perfect and Ms Kyallo’s one mistake should not be used to summarize and judge her lifestyle.

“Pax attacking Betty Kyalo need to chill out and find another hobby....No Human is perfect we all have our imperfections en everyone is dealing with some type of shit!!! Let he without sin cast the stone first (stone first) Let’s not just hate for RT/Likes Goodnight!!!!” tweeted Shaffie Weru.

Owes no one an Apology

Former Starehe Constituency Hopeful Boniface Mwangi also joined the conversation stating that the TV girl owns no one an apology for having a good time and enjoying her life.

“Betty Kyalo owes no one an apology for having a good time and enjoying her life. Stop projecting your hypocrisy on someone who owes you nothing. Use that idle energy to ask our government and elected leaders what they’re doing to ensure we don’t starve or die because of Corona,” reads Boniface Mwangi’s message.

However, activist cum political analyst Benji Ndolo was of a contrary opinion, that Ms Kyallo might be going through a lot and she trying to cover up things by seeking approval from social media.

“This will get me in some trouble but I am not sensitive, so I don’t mind taking blows. Av seen several videos of Betty Kyalo, it is my observation she’s going through A LOT, trying to cover up stuff and seeking approval. Whoever needs to hear this, get that girl HELP 🙏🏽, Goodbye,” said Benji Ndolo.

Lecture critics

On Monday, Betty Kyallo was a trending topic on social media after lecturing critics in a bitter rant on Instagram live.

“My family is very protective over me and they are like Betty why are you gong live right now… I’ve had a drink and people are saying you cannot have this much fun cz wewe ni role model f*ck that shit, me I take care of my jobs. Ivanna I’m her role model. Eti you are my daughters role model so don’t go to the club, i wanna go the club, i wanna have a good time, the pressure in this f*cking career is horrible and this chiq is saying end the video because I’m saying the truth I’m not gonna end this video whatever the blogs are gonna say about Betty or Betty Kyallo ... f*ck off f*ck off bloggers " says Betty in the video.

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