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Andrew Kibe opens up on experience & reasons behind his decision not to marry

Andrew Kibe was the first guest on Mungai Eve's new YouTube channel after a dramatic split with Director Trevor

Andrew Kibe with Mungai Eve

Content creator Andrew Kibe has clarified that he has no intention of ever getting married and explained his reasons.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Kibe noted that he has assessed his character and arrived at a conclusion that marriage is not his thing.

“Marriage is a waste of time. I have no intention of ever getting married again. There is a certain character of man that can get married and I am not that guy.” Kibe stated.

“What do you mean it is a waste of time?” Mungai Eve asked.


Kibe opined that the industry in which he operates limits his options.

“You cannot be in this content game and have someone who is not. Plus again think about it hii game yetu ni ya usherati. Ni ya watu komove from one to the next. There is too much going on to have someone who is waiting for you at home.” He added.

He shared that he has been in two serious relationships in which he lived with a woman at each instance and arrived at the conclusion that he is not a good husband.

He also alleged that marriage could tie him down and curtail his freedom as he knows it today, providing a few examples of how things would change if he was to settle down in marriage.


“I don’t use the word marriage but I have had… I have had two very serious relationships where I was living with a woman. So I know I am not good for it, I know I am not a good husband. I have no intention of getting married.” Kibe added.

Kibe was the first guest on Mungai Eve’s new YouTube channel with the host explaining that she opted to host Kibe as he has had to start all over again, a situation that resonates well with her after parting ways with ex-lover Director Trevor.

After splitting, Trevor seized the YouTube channel and social media accounts that they built together.


Trevor reacts to Mungai Eve's new initiative

Hailing it a new beginning, Mungai Eve shared with the world her new YouTube channel and Facebook page with the motto “Empowering lives one story at a time”.

"The beginning of a new era! Link on bio to my channel," Mungai Eve wrote on social media.

Trevor took to his Insta Stories to share Kenya Online Media’s warm wishes in a heartfelt message.

"From Kenya Online Media (KOM) we wish Mungai Eve all the best in her new journey," Trevor wrote.


Promising a rich array of content, focusing on stories that resonate deeply with audiences, celebrating human experiences, and fostering a community around positivity and change, Mugai Eve promised to take the game to the next level.


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